Difference Between Mba Vs Pgdm

In India, both PGDM Vs MBA courses are regarded as having equal value when it comes to career prospects. The Difference Between MBA Vs PGDM is Having a PG diploma instead of a degree is certainly not considered to be a drawback. In fact, it is the reputation of your university or institute and more importantly, your professional capabilities that truly matter. PGDM is a diploma course by autonomous institutes approved by the Ministry of HRD and the Government of India. MBA is a degree program by Universities and institutes affiliated to them, accredited by the UGC. The course structure of PGDM is more industry-oriented as compared to MBA. The curriculum is in accordance with the latest developments and has a more practical approach. At the end of an MBA, students are conferred with a degree instead of a diploma which lets you pursue a Ph.D. or a doctoral program abroad. PGDM lets you specialize in your areas of interest. A major and a minor specialization gives you an edge over other candidates. MBA degrees are awarded by Universities. Hence a uniformity in education&learning among all the university-affiliated colleges.

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