Mrs India National Super Classic 2019 Beauty Crown:

Mrs India National Super Classic 2019 Beauty Pageant Crown | Dr. Shobha Devi:

Dr Shobha Devi’s latest research on Diabetes Kidney Disease was presented to the experts from all over the World at the INTERNATIONAL DIABETES FEDERATION CONFERENCE held in Busan in Korea in December 2019. She works relentlessly for uplifting underprivileged children in the urban slums by helping them with their education, economic conditions etc.

Mrs Shobha Devi Nakkana is a winner of the MRS INDIA NATIONAL-SUPER CLASSIC 2019 Crown held in Chennai and Mrs INDIA TELANGANA-SUPER CLASSIC Beauty Pageant. She is also the winner of MRS TIMELESS BEAUTY AND WINNER OF MRS ADVENTUROUS DIVA.

Dr Shobha Devi Nakkana is a Diabetes and Obesity specialist. She is an International Researcher with tremendous experience.  She travels extensively to different countries in world giving talks, presenting research papers to the world’s specialists at conferences.

Mrs Shobha Devi did her schooling from the Prestigious Rosary Convent Secondary School, Hyderabad. Dr Shobha Devi got II Rank among Girls in the Medical Entrance Examination and graduated in Medicine from the World Renowned OSMANIA MEDICAL COLLEGE. Thereafter, in she received her Postgraduate in Obesity from UK and Masters in Diabetes.

Dr Shobha Devi Nakkana is an International Researcher and has tremendous achievements to her credit, not only in the medical field but also in the beauty and social service field where she received accolades and many national and international awards in her illustrious career.


A few are:


·        She received the prestigious Dr A.P.J. Abul Kalam award for her valuable social work in the urban slums.

·        Award from the President for her excellent work in WHO projects.

·        The Natraja Nandi award for her excellence in the beauty and social service field.

·        A felicitation and award from the Telugu Association and Nari Lakshya Sadhana in Kuala Lumpur.

·        An International Glory Award from Bollywood Diva Madhuri Dixit for excellence in Beauty field as Mrs India.

·        A Wonder Woman Award for being a role model to society.


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