Emission Control Device For Dg Set 1500kva- 8595983739

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Get the most effective and well-designed 1500 kVA generator emission control device available in India at a reasonable price from Eoenergy, when you purchase a diesel Genset RECD. We are the DG Set emission control systems' manufacturer and supplier. This device's parts are all OEM certified, which increases customer confidence and prolongs the life of our product. The RECD equipment is made entirely of stainless steel, which prevents rust and ensures weatherproofness. More than 90% of the emission particles can be reduced by the RECD for DG Set and transformed into something beneficial. The technology is still being worked on to improve its efficiency and smoothness. To reduce the hazardous particles that are released from the diesel engine's exhaust, these devices are installed in the silencer. 

Diesel generator emissions are managed by the DG Set's RECD. This type of purifying device is also referred to as a DG Set retrofit emission control system. The apparatus is the most efficient way to cut down on other exhaust gases and diesel particulate matter. It reduces particle pollution by first detecting the quantities of PM in the diesel engine's exhaust and then using oxidizers, catalysts, and combustion technologies to break them down and burn the majority of the particles. We employ alkaline metals because they are able to fully absorb the environmental oxygen atoms for the purpose of the oxidation process.



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