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Dekonix India a fastly growing organization in India that sells 100% authentic and CPCB NGT-approved retrofitted emission control devices. With our top-notch RECD technology, we are fully committed to reducing diesel generator emissions and improving the quality of the air in order to make it more breathable. With a group of highly skilled and qualified engineers to improve the quality of our environment and make it the greatest place for individuals to grow up. 

We all face significant challenges as a result of air pollution in the modern era, and we are unable to imagine a better future if it is not handled. In addition, a number of studies indicate that one of the main causes of air pollution is the usage of diesel engines and generators. They release dangerous particles and carbon monoxide emissions that negatively impact our ecosystem. Toxic and pathogenic gases are also a big contributor to human diseases like lung damage, cancer, respiratory issues, and many more.

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