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DEKONIX India a highly reputated and fastly growing business which deals in 100% genuine & CPCB NGT approved retrofitted emission control devices & dual fuel in India. We are fully committed to reducing the emission of diesel generators with our high-quality RECD devices. By using it you can make air quality cleaner & breathable or a balanced environment.For It we have a team of highly talented and highly skilled engineers to improve the quality of our environment and make it the greatest place for people to live.

The concept behind dual fuel technology is that an engine may consume less diesel to create the same amount of power by adding more energy—natural gas—to the fuel tank of the engine. Usually, natural gas can safely display up to 70% of the diesel fuel that is typically used.

Utilize the Kit with any DG that is currently in place. Expandable between 40 and 2500 kVA.


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