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Get the best solar inverter within your budget from India’s most preferred solar inverter brand UTL Solar. These inverters are compatible with any type of solar panel and are known to have a long service life. UTL uses the most advanced solar technology that is rMPPT (rapid Maximum Power Point Tracking); UTL has also applied for a patent for this technology. UTL solar inverter/ PCU like Gamma+ Inverter, Gamma+ PCU & Alfa+ Solar PCU have rMPPT technology and can generate 30% extra solar electricity with the same number of panels that an ordinary solar inverter uses. 

UTL Offgrid Solar Inverter like Shamsi Inverter, Heliac Inverter, Gamma+ Inverter, Gamma+ PCU & Alfa+ Solar PCU have power backup.

UTL Ongrid Solar Inverter like String Solar can send the extra solar electricity generated to the electricity board.

UTL Hybrid Solar Inverter like Sigma+ are smart inverters that is a combination of offgrid and ongrid inverters.

All UTL Solar Inverters Have These Features in Common:

  • Low maintenance 
  • Full ROI
  • Eco-Friendly source of energy 
  • Long service life
  • Priority Selection Mode - PCU, Smart & Hybrid
  • Compatible with IT Load

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