Facility Management Customer Services By Densat

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Facility professionals are so preoccupied with day-to-day problem solving that they forget that their customers are people, too — people who, at times, make it difficult for the facility staffer to remember that these customers are feeling and caring human beings. 


But, if you are looking best customer service and values. Densat is the smartest and most reliable option for you as Densat don’t forget to:


  • Consider the customer's perspective first and foremost.

Densat claims that With the customer at the forefront, staff can more easily cross-reference customer needs with the facility management organization's ability to meet those needs. "I understand how you must be feeling," and "We are here to facilitate you with your problem," go a long way toward establishing a positive customer relationship.


  • Alternate "customer success strategy" for "customer service."

Densat claims that It is critical for facility management staff to understand that customer satisfaction is everyone's concern. When a staff member does not know the answer to a question or is not the appropriate person to provide the answer, it is still his or her responsibility to help the customer find the appropriate solution, thereby securing success in the customer's mind.


  • Put great emphasis on hospitality rather than service.

Densat understands that service meets a need, whereas hospitality fulfils people. Rather than having facility management staff sit in cubicles or offices, we always consider creating a hospitality core for new company employees in the physical facility management space.


  • Continue to focus on the value creation of facility management.

Densat understands that facility managers should pause to consider how they can add value to their customers in an unexpected and unique way, and then craft a value proposition statement to back it up.


  • Make customer interactions with facility management memorable by identifying customer touch points.

Densat understands that customers want memorable experiences when they hire facility management services, so we want them to leave with a positive feeling when they finish an interaction and to keep that feeling for a long time.


  • Instead of simply collecting customer satisfaction data, use it.

Densat understands that "it's not about the metric you're using to acquire and measure feedback." "A measurement is meaningless unless you do something with it."


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