lithara washing machine cover

Τιμή: 599 INR/Ώρα

Lithara is renowned name in Furnishing industry and we provide multiple products to suit the lifestyles of millions of people. Lithara Washing Machine Covers are perfectly Stitched which enhance the aesthetic look of your Washing Machine. These Covers are designed to protect your Washing machine from Dust, Scratches, Stain & other particles. This Washing Machine Cover comes with Zipper Mechanism, i.e you don't need to remove the cover while you are using your Washing Machine. This cover restricts the water from spoiling the essence of Washing Machine so that you can enjoy the clean spotless clothes over a long period of time. Its long-lasting fabric makes the cover more durable also as it is Waterproof. Dust-proof machine covers helps you to keep your machine in balcony without worrying about the damage through dust and direct sunlight. The Material and stitching are expertly assembled by our dedicated designing team and are Uniquely Needle Crafted to give your washing machine a new look.

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