Mass Communication Colleges in Bangalore

Τιμή: 560.027 INR/Ώρα

The program in mass communication has a multi – pronged approach towards subjects like print, broadcast, video, graphics, film, and new - age media. The expansive, vital and rapidly changing roles of Mass Communication are covered in great depth. Students will burgeon into knowledgeable individuals, capable of rationally analyzing complex issues and productively occupying media related positions.

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Career Opportunities

A master's degree in communication would be a great asset in finding employment in mainstream newspaper journalism, magazine journalism, publishing, television, broadcast business, corporate communication, public relations, government & public policy making, event planning & management, hospitality, arts & entertainment, education, environment and health care.

Academic Activities

·         48 hours Film Project

·         Photography Exhibition

·         Advertisement Event

·         Spotlight- News Bulletin

·         Media Lecture Series

·         Internship with Newshound India

·         CMS News Lab+

·         Film Club

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