Pave your home with Moroccan beauty. Shop Lorena Canals


Experience the Moroccan charm without leaving your home with Lorena Canals Kaarol rugs! Inspired by the geometric designs of the Berber tribe, it features beautiful multi-coloured rhombus and other ethnic markings. Bring it home to liven up your living space, including your children’s room or a teenager’s room. The versatility would allow it to blend into any of the rooms with much ease. The tousled fringes on both sides can even add a bohemian vibe and look visually soothing with the earthy hues colouring it up.
At, we have two choices in our stock - Washable Rug Kaarol Earth and Washable Rug Kaarol. Visit us online to shop any of them at €215 and enjoy free delivery! We also have a no-hassle return policy for your convenience. We are sure you would love to purchase them from here!

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