centralised automated crm efficiency for more sales

Centralised automated CRM efficiency for
more sales, customer loyalty and profits.
See the benefits compared to manual methods:
Silo’d Manual Customer Contact Systems Can Blow Holes in Your Revenues (dbcomp.ie)

Many companies find they are dissatisfied with their present CRM system or, if they are using manual methods or no method at all, are realizing the importance of a smart, online contact management system.

Sage CRM offers the online centralised control your business needs to battle with an ever-changing situation. Cloud-enabled Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions is a centralised system delivering:

·         Smart, automated contact management

·         Tracking all customer interactions

·         Scheduling / reminders of critical tasks

·         At a glance Pipeline / funnel monitoring

·         Sales automation

·         Centralised database via a single user-friendly dashboard

·         Email marketing

·         Customisation

·         Reporting / analysis

·         Full integration with Sage Accounting solutions

·         Lead generation

·         Remote working – due to its cloud-driven architecture


Integrated Control

Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions – with our NEW powerful At-A-Glance Dashboards – integrates fully with Sage 50 / Sage 50c, Sage 200 Standard from DB Computer Solutions, and   Sage 200 Professional from DB Computer Solutions. By centralising customer data, your company will be better positioned to increase loyalty while maximizing sales and internal efficiencies.


Information Right at Your Fingertips
With Sage CRM, authorised staff access vital communications, files, documents, and financial information in seconds! – allowing you to leap through fire for your customers.

Quick access to a history of communications and documents to increase efficiency, productivity, customer service levels, and marketing effectiveness by dispensing with ‘silos’ of inaccessible information.

With Sage CRM:

·         Harness the Power of your organisation – by easily assigning tasks for quick follow-up

·         Integrate with Sage Accounts – enabling authorised users of Sage CRM to access vital financials for improved customer service, re-ordering, market share, and competitive advantage.

·         React quickly to changing situations

·         Centralized management for increased productivity, efficiency, and insight.

Leap for your customers with Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions.

Download our Sage CRM flyer for more information.

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