Are You Covered Properly In Case Of A Hospital Admission

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There are increased opportunities for expatriates to work in Asia due to the growing job market and stable economy with expats generally offered better remuneration and transfer packages remain on the rise for expats willing to relocate from the UK and other countries. Understanding key Asian markets relies on a close inspection of trends regarding the flow of new expatriates, particularly in Hong Kong’s case with it’s reputation as a stronghold of multiculturalism the expat market is continuing to expand. It is calculated that of the Hong Kong’s estimated 7.2 million residents expatriates make up about 4.6% which is around 331,000 people. This is made up of 53% being male expats and 47% being female expats with 90% of both male and female being between the ages 18 to 55 years old. Of the total expats 45% of these are working in financial services which is expected given that Hong Kong is a financial services driven economy.


Expat health insurance in Hong Kong is a type of health insurance coverage that is provided by many of the best Hong Kong Health Insurance Companies. Expat health insurance provides expats with an international coverage so that they can get the medical treatment they need anywhere in the Word should they fall ill. Expat health insurance coverage contains a fantastic level of health insurance coverage so that expats that have an expatriate health insurance plan in place can know that they will not face a short fall when they have to pay their medical bills as and when its really needed.

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