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Term Life Insurance for expats, also known as Term Life Assurance for expats, covers you against your risk of death over a specific length of time which the client dictates how much regarding the cover they require.

When you apply for an expat term Life Insurance plan in Asia you will be given the option of selecting the length, or whats know as the term, of the policy. If you die during the plan’s term, or while the policy is in force then the Asia Term Life Coverage will provide a lump sum payment to a beneficiaries of your choice which you name in the application form.

It should be noted that an Asia expat Term Life insurance plan will only provide a death benefit if the insured individual dies during the term of the policy. For example, in the event that the insured party dies a single day after the expiration of the policy then no payment would be made to their beneficiary under the plan due to the lapse in coverage.

It should be noted that in a majority of cases a term insurance plan will normally end without resulting in a claim. As such, this is typically the least expensive type of life insurance plan available in for expats and local while in  Asia.

Obtaining Expatriate Term Life Insurance in Asia

In order to obtain a Term Life Insurance policy in Asia you will have to complete the application paperwork provided by the Insurance Company. It is also normal that you will have to undergo a complete Medical Check-up to assess your relative health and risk of premature death during the term of the policy.

If you Smoke Nicotine, use any form of Narcotic, or possess a number of other poor health metrics, then these will be identified at the Medical Screening. As such, it is vital that you complete the Term Life Insurance application paperwork as comprehensively as possible, disclosing all material facts that will influence the underwriter’s risk assessment; these facts an activities will then be used to calculate the overall premium of your Term Life Insurance policy, together with your age and general risk of death.

Failure to disclose material facts at application may result in denial of coverage.

Free Term Life Insurance Quotes in Asia and Kuala Lumpur

If you would like to receive a free quotation comparison for a Asia and Kuala Lumpur Term Life Insurance plan, simply complete the short contact form at the top right of this page and select Expat Insurance from the menu. Once we have received your quotation request an expert for expat Life Insurance will contact you with a comparison overview of all the policy best suited to meet your specific needs.

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