It's Time To Set Your Retail Business Goals!

Tired of competition, beating you. Limited budget and resources are big roadblocks? Don’t worry! Switch to Cloud POS solution!

With IDZlink Cloud POS, you can manage inventory across your stores, eCommerce and marketplaces in real-time- enabling you to quickly see where products are selling faster; optimize assortment planning for each location and ensure you meet customer demand.

Features of IDZlink POS:

•                 Advanced features in inventory management system

•                 Easy accounting management

•                 Touch friendly Point of Sales

•                 3 -20 Users/terminals

•                 Unlimited Products

•                 Manage Multiple Stores

•                 Unified reporting

•                 Real-time reporting

•                 Inventory Management

•                 Create Credit Invoices

•                 Create Purchase Orders

•                 Customizable checkout

•                 Custom staff permissions

•                 Tax reports

•                 Windows, Android and IOS

Jump on the most affordable Cloud POS System and give your retail business the power of cloud!

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