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Τιμή: EUR 999 / Ημέρα/ Νύχτα

Every Weekend , a Fully Licensed Medical Doctor will be travelling from Malta to the UK and Ireland.

He will either be Chartering a Private Plane , or Leasing 3 Seats within the Very Spacious First Row in a Budget Airline.

Those who cannot afford an Air Ambulance should kindly contact him beforehand ; to see whether they are fit enough to sit beside him in the Plane.

Of Course : The Doctor will be carrying an adequate amount of Emergency Equipment and Supplies.

The Overall Fee could actually be less than a Quarter of what an Air Ambulance would cost for a Local (Short Hop) Trip ; and patients will be able to settle their Bills , Later , on a Gradual Basis.

This is a Door-to-Door Service , which will safely get People from their places in Malta to their Places in the UK or Ireland (and Vice Versa).

The Doctor will only get paid after the Job has been safely completed.

Kindly contact us on +356 9921 3818 for further details.

The Main Flight Routes (as at Today) are :

* Malta to London : €999 Per Person (Plus the Full Cost of 3 Front Row Seats)
* Malta to Dublin : €999 Per Person (Plus the Full Cost of 3 Front Row Seats)

Other Routes are available on request.

Please Note that Higher Rates will be charged to Banks , Multinational Corporations and Insurance Companies.

The Stated Rates are mainly for Individual

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