Learn French/Spanish with Native Tutor

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Speak French like a Native - Unlock Your Potential

Bonjour je m'appelle Nordine, I'm from Toulouse, France

If you have been trying to learn French or Spanish without getting the results you were hoping for, have a big exam coming, or simply just want to get started the right way, then let me help you FINALLY master this beautiful language in 2021

As a teacher and life long language learner myself, I KNOW the challenges you face when learning French! I will help you understand natives and speak with confidence in a fun and relaxed atmosphere


Nordine is a great tutor, helped me a lot with my first steps in French language. It was always a pleasure to learn new words and phrases in French with Nordine. Since lessons are 1 to 1, everything is tailored according to your pace and schedule is flexible unlike in language schools. And Nordine is a native French speaker so your pronunciation will always be correct! Petra, Luxembourg

I never thought I would be able to speak and understand french and follow those complex French Language rules! Sudhir, Geneva

Nordine is very good in helping me practice my French in a conversational setting. He directs the conversation well and adjusts to my abilities. He is very patient but also good at making the session challenging. John, Melbourne

Would recommend Nordine to anyone wanting to learn languages, I wouldn't have been able to get an A without his help ! Sara, Hastings

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