Shop Yamaha Tyros5-76 Arranger Keyboard

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Shop Yamaha TYROS5-76 Arranger Keyboard; 76 Keys now online 

Yamahas Tyros 5 76 key Arranger Workstation Keyboard

Yamaha TYROS5-XL 76 note Premium Arranger Workstation Keyboard with Sub+Satellite Speaker System

Tyros5 is packed with really useful and useable features for composing and arranging music as well as live performances. With literally hundreds of instrument sounds – virtually any style of music can be performed instantly. Multi-part arrangements can be created with ease and there are professional studio effects that perfect for both vocalists and instrumentalists.

Tyros5 also has onboard Digital Recording to help you produce complete music projects with incredible audio quality.

Pianists will feel instantly at home thanks to the 76 note keyboard option while organists and synthesizer players have whole sections devoted to these instruments. The unique sound of classic guitar amps can be modelled virtually and audio tracks can be manipulated in real-time.

But what makes Tyros different from other keyboards is how real it sounds. For example, drum tracks are actual recordings of top session musicians playing live, so none of the original feel of the performance is lost. And Tyros5 is so advanced that different instrument sounds can be assigned to each note of a chord as the player performs, perfectly recreating the sound of several musicians playing together.

Tyros5 is the complete workstation for the home, studio or stage and gives everyone the ability to turn their musical ideas into reality. Forget any keyboard you’ve heard before and listen to Tyros5.

This is the XL Model which comes complete with TRS-MS05 Speaker Set.

The Tyros5 features a metallic silver body (titanium finish) that looks as if it were chiseled out of metal, giving it an exclusive, high-tech feel. We’ve also given attention to the button operations and knob positions, so that people who are already familiar with Tyros can operate the new model freely and without worries.

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