What are the fees of Vietnam evisa?

The period of duration of the trip. The main focus of the people is on the fees of Vietnam evisa

For that, you need to fill the online application form with your personal information as per requirement, submit it and pay the Vietnam evisa fees accordingly.
Getting Vietnam evisa you should have to pay the 2 types of visa fees:

1. Service fees
In the service visa fees after submitting the visa application which should be charged through the credit card or debit card or Paypal. These service fees are per application,  and the type of visa you are applying and number of applicants and processing time 

This is the fee that the applicants have to pay online to the website in order to get the visa approval letter.

2. Stamping visa fees:
The Stamping fee is the fee that should be pay in cash [Credit or debit card are not allowed]  at the Vietnam International Airport. The rate should be announced by the Government and you will receive a  bill for the payment.

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