Where to Find a Trusted Ltl Freight Service in California?


Do you want to reduce your freight costs while shipping products? Does your shipment weigh between 150 to 6,999 pounds? Then you should be opting for an LTL freight service!

Committed Freight is a leading provider of LTL freight service in California and has a wealth of experience in delivering LTL shipments across the United States. We are notable for organizing regional, low-volume, high-volume and long-haul LTL freight services throughout the country. Based in California, we take pride in having a vast network of partner carriers to choose from and available accessorial services to cover delivery or pickup requirements.

Our LTL freight service includes both low and high-volume shipments. Whether your shipment weighs between 150 to 6,999 pounds or 7,000 to 19,999 pounds, we provide LTL freight service for both.

The LTL carriers require a 2-hour pickup window and must be booked by 3.00 p.m.

For booking, call (714) 736-9041 today.

For more visit https://committedfreight.com/services/

Business Ph. No: (714)736-9041

Address: 6700 Caballero Blvd , Buena Park, CA 90620




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