Unlock the untapped revenue & market opportunities | moLotus

Περιοχή/Γειτονιά: Los Angeles, California, Usa

Opportunity Telcos! Reach the gold mine by tapping a market segment most under-served and holding tremendous revenue potential - the Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) via  moLotus powered innovative campaigns.

moLotus is a mobile video customer interaction platform and technology uniquely designed and built by Novosol - a Singaporean mobile media and advertising multinational company. The moLotus innovation aims to assist telcos, brands and advertisers to focus on the imperatives - cost and revenue; offering real mobile advertising and breakthrough digital transformation opportunities.

The platform offers a unique opportunity to create innovative campaigns supported with powerful analytics and reporting. Telcos can create hyper-personalized, customized, interactive, scalable and automated ad campaigns using moLotus targeting the SMB segment which is even larger than enterprises. Contact us today to explore how moLotus can help you serve the small and medium businesses profitably.

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