How an Independent Claims Adjuster can Help You!

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There are several reasons why some policyholders choose to hire their own Independent Claims Adjuster. In events where there could be large or total loss claims the Independent Claims Adjuster may help the policyholder receive a larger sum to rebuild or repair the property.


When a person feels the company's assigned insurance adjuster does not have their best interest at heart, or there are disputes in the claim assessment that have not been resolved by the insurer, hiring an Independent Claims Adjuster is an option to get a second opinion and try to obtain a favorable claim settlement.


Sometimes the policyholder feels that the company's adjuster is not communicating well with them. They may be in disagreement with the decision of the company adjuster, for example, they feel the adjuster did not review the claim properly, or that damages were left off.


Some policies especially commercial policies can be complex. The use of an Independent Claims Adjuster helps the policyholder to understand these complex documents. They will investigate the costs of repair or replacement of structures or contents as well as calculate any loss of business expense.



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