Aaft's School of Music to Harmonize Your Music Goals!

Area/Neighbourhood: Aaft Fc 14 / 15, Film City Sector 16 A Noida Uttar Pradesh India

Are You Passionate About Music and Want to Write Magical Melodies? Aspiring Musicians Are Invited to Participate in Our Melodic Journey by the Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT)!



●        Musicians of note

●        Exceptional Recording Facilities

●        Ateliers for writing songs

●        Pedagogy for Studio-Quality Sound Production


Placement Highlights:

●        Market Connect: Make contacts with musicians and performers

●        Placements and Internships at renowned employment agencies; including, PocketFM, Zahen, PVR, Rhythm Records, Goldsmines, etc.

●        Showcase Your Musical Talent at Grand Events for big-scale opportunities.


To make inquiries or to register, contact us at:

Address: AAFT FC-14/15, Sector-16A, Noida Film City, Uttar Pradesh, India; Phone: 09811014536, 09811013654; Website: https://aaft.com/schooloffineart

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