How To Respond To Negative Reviews

Customers write negative reviews for all sorts of reasons: they don't like the quality of the product, they feel overwhelmed, they feel ignored or disrespected by employees, or they are just ridiculous. Some have systematized the footwork needed to respond, while others have abolished it altogether. 

Here are some of the reasons why negative reviews can be troubling: Consumers really value reviews when they make buying decisions, and a few negative ones can quickly drag the overall rating down and scare off customers. 

When a potential customer sees dozens of positive reviews, the rare negative review is considered an outlier and cannot be trusted. Some people are more likely to share their negative reviews on social media than their positive reviews. 

The best way to deal with negative reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp is to stay on top. Check out this article on local review sites for tips on how to ask for a review. After reading this, you may be wondering how to handle a negative review on your local Yelp, Google +, or other social media sites. 

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