Vendo Campo de 8700 ha en Argentina

Price: ARS 5,808,540

Accesses: The field has six access routes; two towards the province of Catamarca and four towards the province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina). All in good condition.

Data of interest: two electricity lines pass through the field, one single-phase and the other three-phase. In the town of Bilisman (3 km) you can find the general store supply service (food, cleaning, butcher, etc.), primary school, church, police, etc. It is 30 km from the grain storage plant and Frias feed factory, 18 km from Guayamba fridge.

Improvements: The field has old wire and poor condition in much of the perimeter and on the route, with new wire.

Aptitude and classification: The field is in the extreme south of the zone of the jungle of yungas, with all the species of the flora that in her live maintaining themselves in their great majority virgin, exploded on the ways where it was easy to extract the wood (Cebil colorado, walnut, cedar, etc ...) that there abounds in quantity and quality. It has deep silty soil of very good fertility for grain crops (corn, wheat, soybean, sorghum, beans, chickpea, etc.) in 37% of the surface; 28% of the field is recommended for citrus, walnut, avocado and pip fruit crops, the remaining 35% is suitable for afforestation, pasture implementation and livestock rearing. The limits of use are the slope of the land.

Climate: It is called temperate, for its altitude that goes from 720 m to 850 m above sea level. It is found among isohiets of 900 and 1000 mm per year. The seasonality of the rains is very marked, 75% between November and April.

Water: It is very abundant and excellent quality, since the southern limit and this field are the rivers of good flow throughout the year; In addition to this throughout the field are the results of the best quality in the region. In the south-east sector of the field a source of water with its own origin is formed.

Domain: The field has a public deed ready to be transferred and taxes are due daily.

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