Cheap Electric Bikes Brisbane

Area/Neighbourhood: 5 / 8 Lambert Road, Indooroopilly Brisbane, Au


The electric bicycles are legally considered "normal" bicycles for circulation purposes, provided that:

do not exceed a weight of 40 kg

only assist while pedaling

the motor cuts out from 25 km / h

and its power does not exceed 250 W.

All other electric bicycles are considered mopeds and require a driving license or permit. You can buy cheap electric bikes Brisbane online as well as offline from Bike Site website.

There are different kinds of motorbikes. The assistance received by the motor can be regulated by changing the setting directly on the motor or on its display. Depending on the model, you will have a different number of options. You can also use the bicycle without receiving assistance from the motor. Just turn off the engine. You can have fun by having an electric bike.

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