Donate A Mattress To Beddown


8,000 homeless people won’t be sleeping safely or in comfort tonight across Australia.
As you know, we have established something special. It’s very unique and gives hope to those doing it tough from homelessness or domestic violence. No other organisation in Australia does what we do. We believe everyone deserves a bed to sleep in.
We take spaces, normally underground car parks, that are busy during the day but left empty and vacant at night time and we activate and repurpose them in to pop up accommodation to provide a safe, secure and comfortable shelter to get a great night’s sleep.
$20 helps fund a clothing pack for a homeless man or woman, $60 can provide a great nights for two people giving them the security, warmth and hope to keep on going. You may also opt to donate a mattress to us and other core items such as beds, linens, and chairs.
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