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 Guangzhou JF Express Co., Ltd. specializes in providing China-Guangzhou to Australia DHL Express, air and sea door-to-door service, if the goods are sent to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Fremantle, The volume of goods is relatively large or heavy, and the time is not urgent. You can choose to go by sea. The time is about 25 days to 30 days. If the goods are not very heavy, the time is more urgent, you can choose to go DHL, about 3 days to go, you can also choose to take our 10 days or so line, especially if the cargo size exceeds 120cm or the weight of a single piece exceeds 70KG, go The dedicated line only needs to add another 350RMB, and DHL must add at least 1,000 yuan or more.

The following is the air price to Australia, no including tax, about 10 days to the door

 First 0.5KG: 80RMB         Second 0.5KG: 27RMB

   More then 11KG:38RMB/KG      more then 21KG:33RMB/KG

   More then 51KG: 30RMB/KG,       more then 101KG:27RMB/KG

   More then 301KG:25RMB/KG

1) if goods With battery, powder,magnetism and other sensitive goods, under 11KG plus: 50RMB, above 11KG plus: 5RMB/KG

2) If need including tax service ,  more than 11KG Plus:5RMB/KG,under 11kg,not need pay Tax

3) The product name of single shippment is limited to 5,if extra 5, add 25RMB/Product name, requires MADE IN CHINA label for each product

4) The weight of each boxes is over 30KG. customer needs to unload the goods. If the single box is over 70KG or the one of size is over 120CM, it will be happened overweight or extra long surcharge RMB350/shippment。Remote surcharges will be added to remote areas and require postal confirmation

5) volume weight calculate method is: L*W*H/6000 ,(by cm),need compare with the actual weight


1. The following is the price of DHL to Australia, no including tax, about 3 days delivery

The first 0.5KG:160RMB         The second 0.5KG:35RMB

   More then 21KG:50RMB/KG    more then 31KG: 40RMB/KG,       

More then 101KG:38RMB/KG      more then 301KG:38RMB/KG

1) Price effected from 1st,Aug,2019,volume calculate method: L*W*H/5000, compare with the actual weight. charge the bigger one.

2) if one of size is more then or equal  120cm, or any carton weight is more then or equal 70KG,charge 900RMB+fuel charge.for example: the fuel charge is: 12%,then the extra amount is: 900rmb*(1+12%)=RMB1008,If there are multiple pieces, need to add more pieces fee . if have this kind of goods, that is better to send by our special line.


2. The following are the special line prices from Guangzhou, China to the following cities in Australia (excluding tax)

 Sydney   First 1CBM:1900RMB    Second 1CBM: 800RMB  About 25day Delivery Melboure  Frist 1CBM:1900RMB    Second 1CBM: 800RMB    About 25day Delivery

Brisbane   First 1CBM:2200RMB    Second 1CBM: 900RMB  about 28days delivery  Adelaide  First 1 CBM:2600RMB    Second 1CBM: 1150RMB   about 30days delivery

Fremantle  First 1 CBM:2600RMB    Second 1CBM: 1150RMB   about 30days delivery

1) Loading date: each Tuesday.

2) This price is the all-inclusive price from our Guangzhou warehouse to the place where it can be delivered. It does not include customs duties and GST fees. The delivery location is limited to 30KM within the starting point of the terminal, and if delivery area over 30KM, will be charged 60RMB/m3/10km . If it exceeds 50 kilometers, please offer the address information to confirm whether it can be sent. The consignee unloads the goods by himself, and the driver waits for half an hour for free. There will be an extra charge for the timeout, usually AUD50 will be added every half hour.

3) If the goods packed with wooden or wood products (such as furniture),need add fumigation fee : 700RMB/Shippment

4) sea freight calculation method, if less than 1CBM, charge at least 1CBM. for example: 2.3CBM, shipping to Sydney, the freight calculation method is: 1900RMB+(2.3-1)*800=2940RMB, volume to weight ratio: 1:500


If you have goods from China to Australia, please contact us and we will warmly reply to your questions.



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