Madimack Swimming Pool Heating System

Nothing brings more relaxation than a full-body plunge into the soothingly warm pool. A dip in warm water after a hectic day at work relaxes every muscle in your body. And to bring the desired level of joy every time you jump into your swimming pool, Madimack offers a highly energy-efficient swimming pool heater to enable you to enjoy a hot water dip whenever you want, without worrying about the utility bills. We stock a diverse range of swimming pool heating systems that are designed to meet the varied requirements of pool owners. 


Here are some of the features of our swimming pool heat pumps -


  1. Highest efficiency, helping you save high on your utility bills.

  2. Patented quiet unit, letting you enjoy warm water dip without any noise.

  3. R32 eco-friendly refrigerant, hence no harm to the environment.

  4. TüV Rheinland tested, means quality is unparalleled

  5. Compatible with Solar PV, hence reducing the cost of electricity.


Not only this, our heat pump units are equipped with advanced solutions and systems like electronic expansion valve, titanium heat exchanger, automatic defrost, built-in flow switch and WiFi as standard.


Madimack has also partnered with Australia’s top-rated pool dealers and installers who specialize in swimming pool heat pump installation, servicing, maintenance and much more.

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