Tip to Choose a Wide Range Benchtop Material that Suits your

Stone benchtops are a great way to add a bit of class and luxury to your kitchen benchtops or bathroom renovations. Not only does it really lift the overall appearance, but if you choose the correct type of stone, it can be extremely hard wearing and will easily see out the lifetime of the build. Silestone Benchtops is an excellent surface for kitchen benchtops and bathrooms where so much emphasis is placed on cleanliness and hygiene.

The main reason our kitchen benchtops have such a great reputation is because of the quality of our Stonemasons. Not only is everything made to order (as opposed to being trimmed to order), they also can include the following features:

Built in Heat Rods - allow you to place hot objects straight onto your stone benches.
Undermount Sink Cutout - to give that seamless look by hiding the sink.
Drainer Grooves - cut in next to the sink for a more finished look.
Recessed Drainer Area - A recessed area next to the sink to stop water spreading.
Waterfall Ends (Gable Ends) - to give you that seamless look at the end of the bench.
Mitre Joints - great for seamless 90 degree joins.
Birds Beak Joins - great for more creative shapes (eg. octagonal etc)
Mitred Facia - another great way to finish your ends.
Our comprehensive range of colours, patterns and designs combined with the durability and low maintenance kitchen benchtops is perfect match for your new kitchen.

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