Glaucoma Perth - Murdoch Eye Centre

Area/Neighbourhood: Suite 55, Level 2, St John Of God Murdoch Medical Clinic 100 Murdoch Drive Murdoch Wa 6150

Glaucoma includes a group of eye diseases that are associated with increased pressure within the eyeball, causing damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision.

In most people the increased pressure inside the eye results from disruption of the flow of aqueous fluid out of the eye, usually slowly building up pressure within the eye, but sometimes developing suddenly. In other patients the damage may be caused by poor blood supply to the optic nerve, a weakness in the structure of the optic nerve, or a problem in the health of the nerve fibres themselves.

Glaucoma is very common in older age but rarely can be present at birth.  It is critically important to detect glaucoma early by regular eye examinations so that any damage can be kept to a minimum, especially if there is a family history of this disease.

Murdoch Eye Centre takes great pride in providing the latest diagnostic and surgical services. Our goal is to provide the best eye care possible in a comfortable, caring environment.

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