Gaskets, piston, and other spare parts for snowmobile


Band 1 650-24351-51

Battery CTX20L-BS / YTX20L-BS

Bolt 97095-06016

Bolt, Stud 90116-08104

Bolt, Stud 95612-08318

Clip 663-14159-00 / 633-14159-00

Clip 90468-18008

Gasket, Cylinder Head 83R-11181-00-00

Gear, Idle 8H8-13179-00

Key, Woodruff  90280-05002

Key, Woodruff  90280-05013

Nut 95380-03600

Nut 95380-06600

Nut 95380-06700

Nut 95380-10600

Nut, Flange 95707-08500

Nut, Flange 95717-12300

Nut, Self-Locking 90185-08045

Nut, Self-Locking 90185-12058

Nut, Special Shape 90179-08268

Nut, Special Shape 90179-08269

Pin, Cotter 91490-30020

Pin, Cotter 91490-30030

Pin, Float 676-14186-00

Screw, Bind 98901-04006/98980-04006-00

Screw, Pan Head 98580-05016

Shaft, Idle Gear 8G8-13342-00

Washer 92990-06600

Washer 92990-08600 / 92995-08600

Washer 92990-18200

Washer, Crank 8A7-11685-00

Washer, Plate 90201-08100

Washer, Plate 90201-17682

Washer, Plate 90201-34683

Washer, Special Shape 90209-20159

Washer, Special Shape 90209-22071

Washer, Special Shape 90209-22248

Washer, Special Shape 90209-24073

Oil Seal, SD Type 93102-20108

O-Ring 93210-22164-00 / 93210-22298-00

O-Ring 93210-26240-00

Oil Seal 93102-32M07-00

Gasket, exhaust pipe 09-718711


Complete Gasket Kit 09-711027A

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711142C

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711168B

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711171A

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711182

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711200

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711201

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711239

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711268

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711301

Complete Gasket Kit 09-711314

Top End Gasket Kit 09-710147C

Top End Gasket Kit 09-710168B

Top End Gasket Kit 09-710171

Top End Gasket Kit 09-710182

Top End Gasket Kit 09-710200


Throttle Cable 8DJ-26311-01 / 05-138-50 

Throttle Cable 8ED-26311-00 / 05-138-53

Throttle Cable 8CH-26311-01 / 05-138-64

Throttle Cable 8CR-26311-01 / 05-138-69

Throttle Cable 8FA-26311-00 / 05-138-99

Throttle Cable 8CH-26330-00 / 05-146-06

Throttle Cable 83R-26311-00 / 05-138-51





We are Sinera Marine Industrial Co., Ltd., the aftermarket manufacturer in Taiwan, supply sterndrive, inboard, jet ski, snowmobile, and ATV spare parts.

We supply various spare parts for many brands models and cooperate with American, European and Australian suppliers.

Our products obtained extensively appreciations, especially gimbal bearings, pistons, rebuild kits, and gears.

We believe that Sinera will be your best partner in the future, hope we will have chance to cooperate with you!  

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