Summer Camp 2021

Area/Neighbourhood: Janabiya


TeachBahrain Summer Camp will be the best choice for your child. We are building this Summer Camp with the intention to get your child ready for the world’s challenges while working on his/her foundation base of core academic subjects and mixing it with fun.


We bring you TeachBahrain’s Summer Camp, offering numerous activities, such as:

1) All school level subjects in IGCSE’s, IB, GED, AP, ACT, SAT and A-Levels

2) Fitness tracks and training

3) Interior & Graphic Design with IKEA Design Manager

4) Animation, Motion Graphics, Coding, and Application building Courses

5) Language Classes (English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese)

6) Singing and Music Classes (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Piano & Drums)

7) World History

8) Career development

9) Career relevant activities (Firm visits, practical career exercises)

10) Exam preparations for all School Levels

11) Team building activities

12) Core subjects strengthening (Math, Sciences, English)

13) Cooking & Baking

14) Art & Craft

15) Dance, Zumba & Yoga


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