CrossFit Bahrain (Men, Women & Kids)

Area/Neighbourhood: Juffair

Men and Female Personal Trainers and Nutritionists in Bahrain available for men, ladies, and kids.

This one comes with extensive coaching skills, nutritional expertise, and experience training fitness hopefuls of all ages.

Having weighed 160 KGs at one point in my life has enabled me to create a structured training and nutritional plan that ‘really works’. I am a survivor of ‘diet fads’ and ‘instant weight loss programs’. I have acquired my knowledge through first-hand experience, which I have incorporated into my coaching. If you sign up with me, you will get a realistic trainer (no wraps or magic pills!) that offers guaranteed results IF you are willing to become stronger mentally before working on your physical strength.

I can get you ready for the summer or help achieve any other fitness goals you may have, in large part due to the fact that I myself am a product of my own training.



§  Partner Workouts are my special weapon (it’s you and me buddy) - Call me to find out more about this.

§  Workouts Based on Playing Cards (no gambling involved – scout’s honor!)

§  Workouts Based on Music

§  Weightlifting

§  CrossFit

§  Calisthenics

§  Circuit Training

§  Cardiovascular Training

§  HIIT circuit

§  Insanity Training (aptly named)

§  And anything else based on my mood – I have ingeniously termed this the “Mood Workout” 


The Training:

§  I come to you, get your sluggish behind out of bed (not literally – this would be an auditing nightmare) and get those buried muscles to work.

§  I tell you what to eat, realistically. Not something you eat for a WHOLE two days before you go back to Burger King.

§  I create a working model for fat loss and assist you on your journey towards achieving your goals.

§  Quick, safe & long-lasting weight loss based on natural techniques (no supplements or scam magical pills needed!) - only resilience and hard-headedness.

§  Stamina and endurance work

§  Helping back problems via core strengthening and dynamic stretches

§  Personalised exercises & a working nutritional program regime to suit your specific requirements

§  Regular easy nutritional and motivational tips to follow via SMS or WhatsApp.


Available for personal training at any time from 6 am to 11 pm in the comfort of your own home or out by the beach or at a park. I also offer Private training at a CrossFit box which comes with an additional (very reasonable) cost of a monthly membership (Not applicable to cheapskates).

All you need is a strong will and I can help you lose fat and build muscle safely, easily and quickly. My expertise will help you overcome laziness and put your body to good use but I know none of that matters and all you really want is a body like a Kardashian (that goes for the guys too).

Terms & Conditions

1. All payment for the month of coaching is required at the start of the month in order to secure dates and times for that month

2. There is no contract or demand to pay for more than one month’s worth of sessions but any cancellations or no-shows will not receive a refund for lessons missed in the month paid;

3. Late arrivals to sessions will be accommodated on the understanding that I will be unable to train for more than the agreed time. If I am coming to you then open your door! Oh and don’t be sleeping!

4. No payment will be requested unless agreed in advance (no student will be required to pay any monies which have not been agreed to in advance)

For more information about personal fitness training or nutrition-planning feel free to contact me at any time via SMS, email or WhatsApp on 37299525.

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