Singing and vocal Technique Lessons

Do you want to discover the pleasure of singing and express yourself with your voice?

Do you want to learn how to control your breath?

Are you in a band, group or choir and you need to prepare your songs or pieces?


Even if you love to sing classical music than if you prefer more popular expressions ( blues, rock, pop, jazz..) your most important tool is vocal technique.


There is not limit of age to start learning this technique and developing your voice.


In my 20 years experience as a professional singer (opera choir, lead voice in several bands of rock, pop, jazz and blues among others) and as a voice teacher, I have had the occasion to acknowledge  that  through the work on conscious breathing, attention to body posture, placement of sound and expressive communication, vocal technique brings benefits not only in the quality of voice, but in a person's general well-being .


Passionate about pedagogy, I've created and tested over my students a series of exercises and ways of approaching voice that are a mix between the classical and popular techniques and my personal experiences.


If you find this interesting, don't you hesitate in take contact with me:  0485 76 96 62


One hour class.


C. Pardominne

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