Get the Best Travel Guide In Cambodia

Area/Neighbourhood: Wat Chork Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visit South gate of Angkor Thom with two rows of its huge statues of demons and gods depicting the churning of the ocean of milk arranged on both sides of the stone bridge and Bayon temple, a forest of heads, built in late of12th century by king Jayavarman VI as a Buddhist state temple. Then, visit terrace of elephant, which used to be a base for the king’s grand audience hall; Terrace of Leper king supposed that it was a terrace housed the royal crematory, Visit Ta Keo – an unfinished state temple for an unknown reason. Ta Keo temple was built in the early 11th century by King Jayavarman V and dedicated to god Shiva. Then visit an amazing view of Ta Prohm Temple which has been deliberately left as it was discovered. 

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