Learn French with a patient tutor

Good day,
Having worked in different fields (namely marketing and a bit of consulting), I am currently teaching French to Private clients (mainly adults) on behalf of a worldwide well-known language School here in Vancouver for a year and half now. I speak French fluently and have spent many years living and studying in Lyon, in south-eastern France for many years before coming to Canada. 
If you want to hone your skills in French, I would be glad to help you reach that goal. With my students, I try to keep the sessions entertaining, so one time we may just have normal conversation in French, whereas another time, we may discuss about a specific topic (for example about what do you think about remote work?) and sometimes, I may ask you to describe a picture for example. In the end, my goal is to help you have the opportunity to express yourself but along the session, I will provide you with the accurate corrections.
Don't worry, I am very patient and I do not mind being asked the same questions over and over again:)
Je vous remercie et à bientôt.
Thanks and talk to you soon.

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