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Building individual networks for every branch of your business, mobile or the IoT just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not unlike using rotary dial phones trying to reach a video conference. It’s a crude and inefficient way that has no place in the future. The SMOAD device provides solutions that enhance your connectivity and unifies your networks. The device gives you the edge by connecting every fixed and mobile workforce, vehicles and IoT efficiently to a single WAN, at lower cost with better control and hardened security.
Wireless Worlds
Don’t be held back by wires in remote locations. Deploy a Wireless WAN and break free from the wired world. The device provides a single platform of wireless routers designed to connect fixed and mobile workforces, vehicles, field forces, and loT devices over LTE and 5G ready cellular networks. Easily deploy enterprise setups like IP PBX for internal communication or surveillance to manage CCTV data.
Secure, Safe and Stringent
Security threats have always been a concern over WANs. However, with our advanced Firewall protection and MAC address filtering, your network integrity through external intrusion is never a cause for worry. An option to enable Content Filter will block objectionable websites and images from opening. Things that need to stay out, stay out.
Master Control
Even with multiple networks, you are always in control. A centralised network management system is in place that provides a simple yet sophisticated visibility of your network.
The control also comes with lesser resources, reduced downtime and costs, which we believe is an absolute win.
Always Up and Ready
Network failures are a thing of the past. You are always online and the uptime is never lost as the device keeps the connection consistent through the aggregation of 4G LTE and broadband services from multiple providers.
Going Beyond
The device allows you to integrate your existing infrastructure with more than 50% savings. We take it up a notch and give you room to upgrade as well for the latest cellular networks namely 5G.
Plug n Play
It only takes a few minutes to set up, since SMOAD routers come pre-configured. All you need, is to connect it to a power source and you are ready to go!
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