Adhd Assessment and Treatment Calgary

Area/Neighbourhood: Clennan Square, Suite 212, 110 – 11 Ave Sw, Calgary, Alberta, T2 R 0 B8

After children have been diagnosed with ADHD, the next question parents typically ask is “What do we do to help our child?” Many parents ask about medication, what the school can do if the child can outgrow or learn strategies to help, and if parents can do things to help. These approaches are appropriate components of a treatment plan for ADHD, as successful treatment of ADHD tends to be multi-faceted. At RMPS, we use a biopsychosocial approach to treatment, which looks at the connection between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors. ADHD can be found in adults, who can find it difficult to perform routines. It can greatly affect daily life when there is a lack of ability to focus, prioritize and control impulses. There may be consequences that the patient is concerned about, such as missing deadlines, forgetting social plans, or having mood swings or outbursts.

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