Opthamology Treatment Services Clinic Cochrane & Calgary

Area/Neighbourhood: 2201 120 5 Ave W, Cochrane, Ab T4 C 0 A4

Ophthalmologists are surgeons and specialists in eye disease that assess and monitor the health of the eye. They have completed medical school at an accredited university and a residency in medical and surgical eye care in an accredited learning hospital. They are secondary-level healthcare providers and are often referred to by your family physician, although you can also self-refer. Alberta Health Care covers Dr. Khosla’s services. Beyond providing high-quality services, Dr. Khosla seeks to educate all of his patients on how to take care of their eyes and vision at every stage of life. Cochrane eye surgeons can complete surgical consultations at our Synergy office. Regular appointments with Dr. Khosla will allow you to identify specific vision problems and help you stay updated with your treatment options. With Synergy, you will receive customized advice on how to care for your eyesight. As a valued patient, you will learn tips based on personal eye health and maintain vision in the long run. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask. Contact us - [...]

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