Voltaren Emulgel- Get Muscle and Back Pain Relief


Having muscle pain or joint pain for a long time? And can not find any proper solution then must try this Voltaren Gel. Its powerful diclofenac diethylamine formula has been made to get instant relief from the pain and make your daily life easy.


General Information

Voltaren Emulgel is ideal for the temporary relief of local pain and inflammation.

It gives relief from joint pain, muscle pain, knees pain and much more. It contains double the amount diclofenac as compared to Voltaren Emulgel Original hence giving you 12 hours of freedom from treating your pain.



Do not use Voltaren Emulgel:
- On children under 12 years.
- If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
- If you are allergic to diclofenac, aspirin, any other anti-inflammatory medicines of pain relievers.
- If tube seal is broken or missing.
Stop use and see your doctor immediately if:
- You experience an allergic reaction.
While using this product:
- Unless a doctor or pharmacist has told you to, do not use this product with other medicines that you are taking regularly.
- Avoid contact with eyes.

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