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If you are searching for Gauge Sensors & Wiring? then, is the best place for you. Gauge Sensors & Wiring are an essential part of any vehicle. However, they can also be a big distraction while driving. Now, drivers can stop worrying about looking at their gauges while they drive and still know what their vehicle is doing with these Gauge Sensors. These sensors plug into the car's diagnostic port and can then be installed on the dashboard. They provide an accurate reading of the vehicle's speed, RPMs, coolant temperature, and more. has the following Gauge Sensors & Wiring:-
CAS Trigger Disk 54mm OD. NISSAN: Pulsar GTiR
Curt 14-Amp Turn Signal Flasher (2-3 Lamps 2-6 Hazards)
Curt 14-Amp Turn Signal Flasher (1-4 Lamps 2-8 Hazards)
Curt RelaysCurt 10-Amp In-Line Fuse Holders (12-Pack)
Curt 20-Amp Universal Fuses (100-Pack) is Canada's largest online store for vehicle accessories at an affordable price. We have Free shipping orders over $150.00 and also come with no duties, no brokerage, and no hidden fees - all orders ship from our Limoges, Ontario warehouse. Visit the online store to purchase now.

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