Shop The Amazing Black Emerald Metallic Hyperdip™ Aerosol

We all know that the newest innovation in aerosol-based peelable paints is called HyperDipTM. Even though it has been enhanced in every manner, HyperDipTM is still peelable like Plasti Dip. We have brought you the best Black Emerald Metallic HyperDip™ Aerosol. This dip is sensitive to humidity. Humidity levels at or below 50% are ideal. In temps lower than 75F, warming your cans in warm water prior to application cam help achieve a smoother finish. Spraying Gloss HyperDip in an environment with more than 50% humidity might affect the gloss and clarity.
Aerosol HyperDip Black Emerald Metallic features:
- A smoother, flatter, slicker finish
- A stronger, stretchiercoating
- Easier to wet out and spray like apro
- Enhanced finishes and sheen right out of the can
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