Ultimate Bc Racing Ds Series And Br Series Coilover

The reason BC Racing has become so well-known is because they produce outstanding BC Racing DS series, BR series, and many other Coilovers that offer you a respectable amount of customization at an affordable price. Despite the fact that BC is just about 20 years old and is therefore not particularly old, they have yet managed to position themselves among some of the legends.
In order to maximize performance, BC Racing builds the BR series coilovers for Honda CRZ with a big 53mm diameter damper body in addition to using only very high-grade oil.
Some of the features that make the DS series and BR series Coilovers unique:
Digressive piston
Standard front and rear camber plates are readily available in application kits.
Mono-tube shock configuration
Shock body finished in satin chrome
Independent ride height adjustment for 30-Click springs the simultaneous adjustment of compression and rebound (damping)
For some applications, there are options for quick spring upgrades and custom spring rates.
Total rebuildability
Upper front spring platform with bearing mounting.
Dust boot for damper seal protection.
Pillowball upper mount
The top plates are made up of aluminum.
30 ways of damping adjustment.
It is definitely worthwhile to look at a wide range of BC Racing Coilover kits at the Coilover Store in Canada. If you're searching for one for your vehicle, we are here to supply the best BC Racing BR Series and DS Series Coilover for Honda CRZ and other vehicles. Visit our website at: https://bit.ly/3Ah6suT

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