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ElasticSearch Interview Questions and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments Will be provided



(the course content can be modified as per your requirements):



Terminology, basic concepts, implementation, setup, and basic operations

What is Elasticsearch?

Overview of best practices

What’s in a distribution?

Understanding Elasticsearch cluster, shards, and replicas

Discussion of configuration, APIs, and local gateway


Multi Tenancy:

Value of multiple indices, index aliases, and cross-index operations

Introduction to data flow


Elasticsearch Index:

In-depth analysis of mappings, indexing, and operations

Discussion of transaction logs and Lucene indexing

Understanding configuration options, mappings, APIs, and available settings



Understanding search Query DSL

In-depth understanding of search components: aggregations, search types, highlighting and other options.

Overview of bitSets, filters and Lucene


Advanced Search & Mapping:

Introduction to aggregations and nested document relations

Understanding nested objects and parent-child relationships

The importance of geolocation, mapping, indexing query percolation, relevancy, searching, and more


Advanced Distributed Model:

Cluster state recovery, low level replication, low level recovery, and shard allocation

How to approach data architecture

ndex templates, features, and functionality


Bigdata Design Pattern:

In-depth content on multiple indices, overallocation, shard overallocation, node types, routing, replication, and aliases


Preparing For Production:

Discussion on capacity planning and data flow

Performance tuning, more on data flow, and memory allocation.


Running In Production:

Installation, configuration, memory file descriptions, and hardware Monitoring, alerts, thread pools, information and stats APIs


Practice tests & Interview Questions


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