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Area/Neighbourhood: 330 Bay Street, Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, M5 H 2 S8

If you are looking out for a law firm in Toronto that can generate fruitful outcome in the most cost cutting and effective manner, then Chand Snider should be your call. Formed by well-known attorneys, Pradeep Chand and Murray Snider in March 2016, it is reputed for handling a wide range of complex litigations.

Housed with qualified, talented and experienced law professionals, the law firm offers a unique perspective and is able to consider how a matter would play out if it went to trial. That is why they not only try to solve the issue before it escalates but as well stay prepared with courtroom home works, in case disputes cannot be avoided with settlement. This Toronto’s law firm has earned a name for achieving exceptional results for individuals who have faced an investigation or charges, administrative proceedings and civil cases all at once. Furthermore fees are charged based on the results achieved. Visit at

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Address: 330 Bay Street, Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2S8        

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