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Renewable energy is the type of energy that is derived from renewable sources, like- Sun, wind, tide, wave, geothermal heat, etc. Since the sources are naturally available, they do not possess the threat of being consumed. Renewable energy offers a cost-saving alternative as it aids in lower consumption of electricity. Energy generated from non-renewable sources like coal, petroleum, etc. pose a serious threat to the environment as it contains several harmful chemicals. These chemicals have depleted the ozone layer and hence there is an increase in the global warming phenomena. Hence, there is an increased need for renewable energy systems.
With a team comprising of expert individuals, Raysolar provides an assurance of the good quality of products and technical assistance. We have a wide variety of renewable energy systems and products to offer. Some of them are:
Grid-Tied Systems
The grid-tied systems include installation of solar panels on the roof or mounting on the ground and are directly fed to the meter. The photovoltaic panels absorb the sunlight and use this as a source of energy to generate electricity. In the grid-tied solar energy system, the photovoltaic panels are connected to the combiner box that brings the outputs of several solar strings together. To prevent the entire system from the damaging effects of lightning, a lightning arrestor is employed and is connected to the combiner box. The inverters are utilized in order to convert the DC current into AC current which is transferred to the electrical grid.

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