Replace normal lights with 8’’ Led Diimmable Downlights

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When it comes to lighting the commercial places, LED downlights are considered as the most ideal option to their ability to reach even to the dark corned places as well. 8’’ inch LED dimmable downlight can be best fixed on the top of the ceilings to enjoy utmost brightness and illumination.

Specifications of using 8’’ LED dimmable downlights over other form of lighting:

  • The 8’’ LED dimmable downlight uses just 30 watts of electricity to produce 2230 lumens of output and these lights are far superior then the normal conventional halogen downlights in terms of efficiency, equal light distribution with the help of wide beam angle, the color rendering ability, lifespan, and much more.

  • By using 8’’ LED dimmable downlight you can replace halogen downlight that requires 200W of power to offer brightness making your utility bills expensive by more than 88%.

  • Also these LEDs come with the option of dimmable which further gives you an advantage of saving more on your electricity expense for at least 5-6 years which is a significant time period to make savings.

  • The color temperatures of these lights are 4000K or 5000K which means you will be able to experience a bright and natural light - day white light glow color.

  • Before using a light, the first thing that bothers all of us is the time consuming installation process but by using these lights, you can enjoy the freedom of installing the lights quickly. The 8’’ LED dimmable downlight comes with all components in one kind of fixture, the junction-box allows the customers to place the downlight quickly by keeping all wirings and connections intact and safe at one place.          

  • These 8’’ LED dimmable downlights are ETL approved and are also eligible for some rebates & incentives from most of the electric companies.

So replace those expensive dimmable lights with the LED dimmable downlights and enjoy the warranty for a period of 5 years from the manufacturer’s end. If something goes wrong, call the customer support, they will help you instantly.

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