Biodegradable Tableware Products Manufacturer in China


Biodegradable Tableware Products Manufacturer in China


Soton was founded in 1994, has over 26 years in the disposable products field, and is the most professional straw manufacturer around the world. Soton manufactures over 25+ plant-based disposables, all designed to be environmentally friendly. Our straw, cutlery, tableware, hot and cold drinks cups, and takeaway packaging are all made from compostable raw materials that are renewable, lower carbon, and recycled.


Need help on what to buy? Our Customer Service team can advise on product recommendations. Phone us Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm China time on +86 15857925959 or email: [...]. Our professional team could send the quotes within 24 working hours while receiving your inquiries. Soton is always your strongest backup!


Biodegradable Straws

Biodegradable Straw is a new type of degradable environmental protection straw made of biodegradable material polylactic acid. It is low-carbon, energy-saving, and green, while the common plastic straw is made of polyethylene and polypropylene and has no environmental protection function. Soton supplies various biodegradable straws choices, including straws made by PLA, silicone, paper, bamboo, etc. Also, straws of different colors or applied occasions are also


Soton is one of professional biodegradable products companies. We provide PLA Straws, Silicone Straws, biodegradable dinnerware, compostable dinnerware, compostable tableware, biodegradable products and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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