Custom Dehumidifier Unit

Greeme Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier Unit provides customized solution according to your needs. According to different customers' requirements, based on the existing energy in the facilities, our sales and technicians will make the suitable solution and control modes.

Principle of Custom Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier industrial dehumidification units

Greeme GMR-TD series and Customized Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier Unit consists of a desiccant rotor and refrigeration dehumidification. Through Pre-cooling, the process air is cooled and dehumidified in the first stage. Then it passes across the wheel for further dehumidification to achieve the desired humidity. Then it comes to the post-cooling process, making this relative process air to be cooled to the required temperature. After these procedures, the temperature and relative humidity of the outlet will precisely meet the customers' requirement. 


Application of Custom Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifier Unit

  • In Pharmaceutical workshops, the humidity control is a strict and very important point in different process, like powder drying, soft capsule drying. With our dehumidifiers, we also assist pharmaceutical company for GMP certificate.
  • In chemical and fertilizer industry, it also needs to control the humidity when in production and storage in case of blocking.
  • Our dehumidifier desiccant rotor dehumidifier unit is also applied in many food workshops. As an old Chinese saying goes like " Food is the paramount necessity of the people." The worldwide food industry put safety and quality in the first place. Our solution will provide a suitable way allowing you to control humidity and temperature.
  • In the production line of laminated glass, ensuring the dry air indoor is a necessity. High humidity will lead to small water molecules adhering to the surface of the glass. When heated, they will turn to be white mildew and air bubbles. Normally the control is at Temperature 20~26℃, Relative Humidity ≤  25%.
  • In spray coating, the ordinary requirement is T ≤ 28~ 30℃, RH ≤  40-50 %. Usually this spray coating facilities are large space. Also, the air return contains coating or other harmful volatile components, which can not be recycled. So the new air system is required. When in high moisture seasons, like Summer and rainy days, it will form many small water molecules in the steel surface. If without humidity control, it will affect the adhesion fastness of the spray coating, thus, making the longer drying time and delay the subsequent procedures.
  • Radial tires, high fastness and abrasion resistant, is the trend of the tires industry. In radial tires, the strict humidity control will help the combination of rubber and steel wire. It is indicated that some process of tire manufacturer needs low humidity environment: Rubber material storage, Tire spindle room, Abrasive tools storage.
  • Cold storage. This industry has unique and special requirements for dehumidifiers. Normally, the temperature is relatively low in these case, generally -20 ~10 ℃. Thus traditional evaporative refrigeration and dehumidification equipment cannot work under this atmosphere. On the other hand, the moisture gain is huge in the workshop due to the rapid volatilization of water when products with normal temperature put in cold storage, the temperature is decreased sharply. In this application, we have enough experience to design the ideal solution plan for you.
  • Also, we have designed units for purification air conditioning system. 

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