oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose & Pac

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Description of Oil Drilling Grade CMC & PAC



CMC & PAC can be used as fluid loss reducer or viscosifier in drilling fluids. The function of CMC is to reduce the fluid loss as much as possible through forming low permeability, flexible, thin and compact filtration cake on borehole wall. Used as thickening agent, suspension agent and plugging agent.



Our PAC-HV/LV (oil drilling grade) and CMC-HV/LV are advantageous because of their small dosage, high yield, anti-bacterial, good salt tolerance properties and convenient to use, reduction of fluid loss, and improvement of viscosity, flowing control and strong suspending capability, environmental friendly, non-toxic, harmless and odorless, and good liquidity, convenient to construction.



1. Excellent temperature resistant and salt resistant properties.


2. Strong capability of carrying crumbs, restraining the dispersion of the clay, reducing the speed of pulp yield by clay, stabilizing the well wall and effectively increasing the drilling rate.


3. Easily disperse in water based drilling fluid. CMC drilling & PAC can be used in fresh water to saline water drilling fluids.


4. Less residue. Can prevent fluid flow into pores and cracks.


5. As fracturing agent, CMC & polyanionic cellulose PAC can provide good sand suspension effect, apparently reduce fluid loss and thin filtration cake. Have strong inhibition effect of shale water.


6. Good suspending capability, containing more solid phases, greatly increasing the stability of granule, best for configuring the high density drilling fluids, and adjusting the rheology of drilling fluid, forming the compact high quality mud cake in the drilling fluids. It has the good function of reducing the fluids loss and free water.


7. Good compatibility with other polymer, strong suspending power, cleaning drilling crumbs fast and efficiently, making the drilling fluids stay into low solid phase and low dispersion of clay, and it is also the good filtration reducer. Adjusting the rheology of drilling fluids fast and efficiently, excellent suspending power, cleaning drilling crumbs promptly and efficiently, maintaining the low solid content, enhancing the speed of the drilling rate, stabilizing the well wall, and possessing the good effect in filtration reducer.


Oil Drilling Grade PAC



Apparent viscosity

Fluid loss

Loss on drying

Degree of substitution











(In accordance with requirements of API 13A standard)


Oil Drilling Grade CMC



Viscometer reading at 600r/min

Fluid loss

Distilled water

40g/L Salt solution

Saturated brine











(In accordance with requirements of GB/T 5005-2001 and API 13A standard)


Super-High Viscosity Petroleum Grade CMC for Fracturing Fluid



1% Brookfield viscosity (cps)

Degree of substitution



Loss on drying












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